Friday, July 27, 2007

Erreur, et les mots aux froide la francais

(and to those of you who can correct me, please do because, we all know my french sucks! Do lyrics for this even exist?)


Truly underrated as the french coldwave catalogue goes. To me this entire collection is flawless, and even the poor recording quality I think works perfectly with it. I do wish at times the fader was more equal but so be it.
I heard this collection and thought to myself some 5 years ago, this is weird, "why are you playing this? I know I wanted to know about dark french music, but is this really it? He sounds funny. Where's the Norma Loy? This stuff sounds funny. His voice sounds like a chipmunk on riddalin, itchin for a meth booster." But perhaps it was the computer speakers that we brought on holiday with us....the treble just out of control. Perhaps it was how Jacquy B's vocals sounded out of the speakers, like I cannot even explain, but something like little children moaning for something their parent wouldn't let them have from the store. I was beyond clueless, and then I took it back to New York with me, and let it sit on my shelf for about a year not wanting to get rid of it, but really unsure of it.
Then for whatever the reason, I took it out to play for a friend to say what weird music they had in france, and I completely fell in love with it. I was going to make a joke about it, but somehow it became so not funny. Next thing I knew it was on non-stop play at work everyday...and I had to share it with the Weird folk because I felt like I had the golden ticket in my hands that no one else in this country had. This was also when I truly thought that there were like 3 people in America who even knew about the french coldwave scene and they all lived in New York, in Brooklyn, and all knew each other. We were very rare. (Until I was proven wrong..."Someone in Texas is selling a Little Nemo album on Ebay?")
There is such a sense of intensity and immediacy to this album, and at times very dark and sadistic in tone..can't say lyrically, cuz as I said, my french sucks. The following collection of Neva I have is so sad. So I sit here and wonder, where is the Neva boxset? Come on Mr Coldwave French Music 10,000 albums guy, release one! Oh you all know who Im referring to...Someone go post the request on his myspace page!
While some of us say that NEva is the french half of Alien Sex Fiend, I would say only visually to some extent, for I can eagerly listen to this material rather than the drudgery that is a great deal of Nick Fiends melodies...although I do have my weaknesses! Admittedly...
Im listening right now and I still love this! Its just great. There is nothing too complex going on, but it all works in its demented tangent like ways. My favorite moment on here is Outrage, for there is this ginding sound that happens throughout like a vault door opening to a new room each time and then how can I not adore the trademark "Clan of Xymox" instrumental element in there. Yes there it is at 1:08. and back at 1:23..and 1:39..then cue in the guitar as if its going to truly progress to something else and it doesn't, it just goes back to more of that one rhythm and melody that I love so much...which is great. It knows that its good so it doesn't try to go ahead into something...and back to the Xymox thing at 2:37 and 2:51...its a melodica, right? at 3:06....and then its over...oh its soo good.


And with that folks, I conclude this weeks donations of tunes and moments...I shall return Monday, a year older and a new layout and tunes to follow! Be well, and daydream.

Oh my legs just can't dance anymore...

And we all thought those Sisters songs were murder in our club days! Oh nay, here's another jem in the dang this song is long and im still dancing days. I have to say hands down, its my favorite New Order song, as far as ones that make me dance around in my chair or that I can't resist the urge to dance to.
I sit here now and Im bobbing my head aggressively and playing keyboard on that wrist support cushion that is supposed to keep my wrists supported while I work. But far better for invisible keyboard.

I have to laugh because Bernard looks so utterly confused by what he should be doing at the start of this. "oh you've got the camera on? uhm, alright, its pointing at me, so im going to look up and uhm, still got it on me? so, why not point that over there? uhm, now what?" and then the camera moves.

And will I ever understand how to get that perfect 80's new wave girl eyeshadow job on me...this is my inspiration for tomorrow eve!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

And A Closing Moments From Years Ago

Can't say how many times this was my new wave misery ballad of melancholia.

We ALL Have Our Moments

Completely regressive on this one...I remember dancing around my hallways when i was 15 to this...haa haa. I even had some self made gold glitter baton/dancing wand that i used to go to parties with, because I was that silly. Fairy raver.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Claire, You Are...Well...You Just Are...

so sad that there are so many faux replica's of you, when you were just being you.

A little Mood pour ton Mecredi

Its rather lifeless out right now. A bit misty and I am tired as all heck. So we're taking it down a notch and just being mellow....but as always...moody. :)

How Come We Never Talk

What a great album! What a great idea I had to buy it on a whim those years ago because it seemed to be something I would like. There are songs on here that I positively adore...some make me really sad and others make want to frantically run about. They move me, and that's why Breaking The Silence by The Opposition is an awesome album.

Many folks will give the comparison that The Opposition is a side spin to The Chameleons because both are a vibrant rock band with a heavy melancholy side for love lost and personal struggle with a huge sound. But then again, The Crossing by Big Country sounds akin to The Chameleons too, but doesn't hold entirely the same sentiments as those songs...which means, many bands were doing similar things. Instead of the non stop comparisons that we all make by somehow edging out the originators of "that sound" we should all be grateful that we aren't stuck with only one band, one album and one tune to listen to when we feel "that way."

I remember listening to this album a great deal when I got it, and always jumping to She Said because its an amazing song, and I used to "spin it" for that brief moment I dj'd in NYC. Its such a kick ass track. The title track, it kills me. Actually I would say that most of these tracks kill me a bit, because the music is just so in step with the vocalist that as he gets more wound so does the music. Its a really amazing dynamic.

But enough about how I feel, judge for yourself!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Demolished sanctuary!

Sleek, Disturbed and Sexy always gets the job done, right? 'Tis a strange thing, for I recall the first time listening to this, thinking it was really bland, annoying and dismal in a bland, annoying way. Somehow after putting it away for years and not bothering to listen to it, I have rediscovered that its, still bland, dismal and annoying.

Not at all.

Actually I would say that the overtones of dismal are still going to be used to describe this, and I think of this as almost a precursor to a great deal of what much of the SST mid 80's catalog sounded like, that droney indie rock. Who knows, perhaps one can look at Dance Chapter and think, I wonder if Sebadoh every owned a 7". I mean on the 4ad label who doesn't know them? Well provided you are a fan of 4ad. :)

I was in the mood for this today, and Im not sure why, because I was enjoying my perusals of other random things, and this just called out to me, "play me. you never play with me." Funny, was that prior to listening to this I was having fun with Sex Gang Children material...perhaps the vocals just, literally, called out to me.

It's my offering for today
ps- i know sebadoh was not part of SST. I was speaking of two separate thoughts...just in case someone tries to nab me on factoids...

My New Idol

Oh yeah you know it! My friends, its a girl! I never knew this. I thought it was gabi and robert only, but whom do i spy with my little eye? Is it, a woman behind the electronics...for this performance, it seems so.

Well she just became the coolest person I was not aware of. Oh can someone please come and get me? Im feeling creative! I WANT TO HANG THAT MICROPHONE IN MY OWN BATHROOM! I WANT TO RIG UP TEN MICROPHONES TO THE BASE OF AN OLD BATHTUB AND DRUM IN IT WHILE I BATHE, AND RECORD THIS AND THEN LOOP IT BACK WITH DELAY!

Screw the smog, come get me, its a slow day!


Slow Train Wreck

I adore you both, but this is like watching your very unhip family members trying to be hip...Its beyond laughable and quite sad actually.
I just couldn't contain myself.

Friday, July 20, 2007

And She WIll WIsh Again For That Side

I was once mesmerized that something that sounded this good, could actually be from the states. I was informed that this was some California band that was friends with a friend. I was utterly shocked because I couldn't understand how this was sitting in Southern California and not out somewhere and accessible for many more people in this country.
Later I learned that the earlier info was completely wrong, and that this was a project that had been joined and formed with former Cocteau Twins's bassis Will Heggie, and with that little CT affiliation everything made sense and I of course started to obsess about the collecting of these albums. WHat can I say, it was the perfect element of the morosity I wanted from New Order and never seemed to get. Here it was, gloom pop personified, and I wanted to live in these songs as if they were storage places for all my emotions that I hadn't identified with every song yet, even though CT was doing its own marvelous things for me.

I remember it so perfectly. The first song I heard was off a tape that my friend and I played on our radio program, entitled Enchantment. Tonguetiedandtwisted began and I was just rattled from head to toe by everything. The vocals. The beat. The bass-line. Oh god that bass-line. The little shimmering chords of the infrequent guitar just lingering like the eyes upon a secret special place. I sat in my crappy chair, listening to this and staring at the table and the player spinning around watching the levels move up and down and thinking how sad it was to be when this stopped because this was the first thing in a while to hit me as amazingly as it did.

All of a sudden I could visualize the fans of this band, and it was a population of people I wanted to be friends with. I wanted to sit in a room with other people and listen to Lowlife and be amongst those people who were as insanely in love with this band and "got it" like I did. So I went on a mission a few more years later to start finding Lowlife fans and converting others who shared similar tastes in music to me, into them. I orchestrated this by hitting every discussion group I could with bands I liked, and asking about Lowlife in the forums...I converted at least 8 around this happy globe. I found about 10 and with that started a forum of my own for this amazing and highly underrated band.
As the months and years went by I culled a nice array of friends to chat with and wax poetic about these albums and songs, inclusive of a few nice moments of Craig's responses back to my waxings. However, my love did not die but the drama within that forum at times became a bit much, and without wanting to spoil the memories of all I had worked on with such enthusiasm, I handed over the forum to the now owner of the official website and said, enjoy!

This album is such a sparkling momento in my history of friendships, loss and memories. Listening to it just puts me in such a place. Sitting in my dorm room and watching the sun setting behind the trees and over the parking lot behind the cafeteria. Autumn dusk and full of the crisp world permeating with the early onsets of a cold chill in the morning. The feeling of being awake and very much in a daydream at the same time. To be reciprocated with the same impact in one's eyes that I feel within about these words and sentiments. Love and loss. Hope and Wonder. Everything from one's sad past with the grace of optimism in ones future.


What an absolutely amazing and for the most part, utterly flawless band and discography. There will be more on my moments with them...

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

as of the now

It has always been something to hear something unknown and feel really good by what you hear. I was over at Phoenix Hairpins earlier and downloaded a band called The Gentry, since I'm all about hearing stuff I don't know, but from description sounded pretty good.


Okay so its not like you are going to hear anything that sounds drastically different from what you might have heard in your musical comings and goings, but for what it is, its catchy. It's reminding me of a Seventeen Seconds era Cure, a splash of Sad Lovers and Giants moody pop, a mild tinge of early sombre Bono stylings in the vocals, with that Korova Records feel from the early 80's, and an undeniable punch of cool post punk drum punch machine percussion...even if it is a real drummer...No I don't mean Factory Records, I mean the muted drum version of a slightly softened thumping than gun shot popping.

Oh yeah, this is quite good. This really feels quite like a early/mid 80s release on Midnight Records. Wow, where has this been for my years of obsessing with bands like this?! This track called Fragments of Truth, that Im currently listening to, is really hitting the references from above. Oh its so good, the ambiance of synth filling in the backgrounds while the guitars just kind of fuzz over the swooning vocals and the drum just keeps the beat to move through it all. Oh this is a definite "mopey rainy day with the headset wandering outside below the trees in your neighborhood" tune.

Oh and yes, the Adrian reference on the site is quite apt...

"The more we talk, the less I get involved
The more You talk The less I get involved

So I am posting because this has my full attention right now and I'm really excited about it. Please go here, read the bit and download this!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Le chanson est tres bon! Arrive!

. Sound of the Toundra . Sound of the Toundra . Sound of the Toundra .

. C L A I R . O B S C U R . C L A I R . O B S C U R . C L A I R . O B S C U R .

l i s t e n

Monday, July 16, 2007

In Alphabetical and Genre Ascending and It All Flows? Fuck, You're Good!


So what is my hidden talent? Well besides being able to write my name with a pencil between my toes and write my name backwards in script, yes first, middle and last, oh yeah and that trick you do with the cherry stem, hee hee...I have to pat myself on the back when it comes to arrangement, and tricky arrangement. I have been known by some folks in such discriminating circles, as the person who can get you from A to B by ways of C-Z....
I think I have a knack for editing and being able to sort things that all blend by means of a meandering methodology but somehow gets you back to where you started. There have been tapes that contain bands that seem anticlimactic to each other but somehow through the progression of tracks they blend and don't seem to be in a crazy disarray.
I'm not trying to make this post about me, even if I am boasting a wee bit much here, but I do think I am pretty good at editing, and therefor submitted this week is a 10 track assortment of tunes that range in various genres but all move in a nice way that you can groove on them and rock out and then just when you have concluded it starts again as if it was meant to.
I'm reflecting on feeling good today after having a kick-ass weekend and being in better spirits, and cleaning both physically and mentally. So why not get a few fun songs that give one a little oomph?

Fit Like A Target!
(ps- i can't believe this! 1000 Mexicans are on facking myspace...oh where does this insipidness stop?!)

Friday, July 13, 2007

video block friday

LAST ONE! Hope you enjoyed this eclectic assortment.

5:27pm Minimal Compact Dedicated

4:23pm Material Issue Valerie Loves Me

3:09pm The Lightning Seeds Sense

2:18pm Blur For Tomorrow

(a little switch of pace, hee hee)
1:05pm Ultravox! Hiroshima Mon Amour
12:02pm Resistance Across The Ocean

10:38am Psychedelic Furs Sister Europe

Thursday, July 12, 2007

With a Name Like Ice

Where can I find this audio recording? This rules! It's so much more coldwave/minimal, than PP/// Gosh they should have never released produced albums, because the demo's were always so far better!

Thanks J!


I was listening to this last night and remembering how I listened to this so incessantly when I grabbed all these tracks from a good friend, who had the fortune to unload much of his musical collection to me...Thanks G$!

But this post is really for one person specifically, for without him I wouldn't have known these fine folk in the first place...ironically I have it and he doesn't, so here you go my fine Josephina Theresa Angela Boddacciolini.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The rulers of the wasteland

It just felt right...or at least sounded right.
Actually the sound is shitty.
So is the state of numerous things today.
A call to humanity is desperately needed!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From The Silver Frost

What is it about time and space that some of us find so fascinating and relish those moments that we relinquish or existences from this time to being utterly absorbed in another?
Our eyes move to places that we are clueless to, and carry heavy glares of romanticized people and places and worlds that seemed to carry a perfection. Or perhaps they carried so little and within that, we find perfection, as our current worlds are so cluttered with massive proportions of highly disposable things.

One plate of bread and a beverage eaten across the table with the most entertaining and comforting of persons you know. A moment spent in dialogue that means more than any party one could compose for any one of numerous forgettable faces. The beauty of the dynamic of interaction in an environment that resonates for years. Like beauty stained across one's sincerest face, of innocence and tainted worlds never seen.

What does it mean to cherish moments in perfect time?
I am unsure but I do know what it feels like and I do know that there are moments when I wish I could hold onto it forever and loose myself into those times and the visual embrace of one's face and glance.

To this I hold sacred, for there is nothing that can be perfect and acquired in any material manner, but the beauty of anything to be cherished is that which we cannot define, but only feel. And to that, I only wish to share and impart to others.

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Elementary Coldwave Assault Come on Baby, Come On!

I most humbly put my cold heart upon this marble plate and say it was only but some 4-5 years ago that this all became knowledgeable to me...and I never looked back. How could I? It's all so unbelievably great...I only wish I knew about some of this earlier when I was a club goer, because the one fault I have at this point of my musical affinity career, is that I have never danced to any of these. Its infrequent to ever hear this at a dance club only hear this when your friends dj at bars, where everyone only drinks and never dances.
Norma Loy Power of Spirit
Baroque Bordello Today
The Asylum Party The Sabbath
Die Bunker Gewalt
Neva Hallucination
Babel 17 Shades of a Dream
Aroma Di Amore Fe
Mary Goes Round The Night
The Bonapartes Battle of Iena

Ma Fois!

Friday, July 6, 2007

But I won't...let others live in hell

Well what do I remember of those early years of MTV?
I remember a miasma of videos that made no sense, but looked damned cool. I also remember the starkness of two videos in particular that I thought the songs were great because of it. One was Modern English's "I'll Melt With You" and the other was U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday". This is before these songs were played to death and became nauseating to hear. Somehow my tolerance for U2 is greater than Modern English.

I still contend that U2's first three releases are flawless and are a most perfect early trinity in this genre of music. Its raw and packed with emotion and just great rock music. Sure you can cover it with whatever you want to feel cool about liking early U2 because you are not a it punk, post punk, alternative, but down to it all, unmistakably true, U2 is at the core a great rock band. And this album is what proves it. While I am a huge fan of Boy, War has refined out the mellow and the pop so that it is infectious in beat when it needs to be, and is really gripping when it needs to be. I think this album laid the groundwork for what became the elemental formula for this band. Even though I lost touch of my fondness for them as the years carried on and by Achtung, I said, okay its enough. Next!

The memories I have listening to this album bring me back to childhood and my innocent reflections upon the outdoors, and truth be told the first interaction I had with songs and snow. I remember going sledding with my mom and while we were coming home, Sunday Bloody Sunday was playing on the radio, and it made me smile because I too was out in the snow only earlier watching the heat escape from my mouth. That and a craving for Chicken McNuggets, but that has nothing to do with U2, so I digress...but quickly I add, I used to love going to McDonalds after a winter storm and getting those and the barbecue sauce and a fry...oh baby!
moving along...

Its a great album. It moves and by the time you get to the end you want to go back in, or maybe just go through a few favorites but you can't help yourself. They are a band that cannot be stopped apparently, but unarguably it can't be said that they have lasted this long for no reason...they're good at what they do, even if style wise they may not be that interesting, they still know the formula! So they keep the old and bring more in each time!

Let the Bells Ring Out

Like A Song recorded live in 1983 (song only)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

For the black-suited boys

You know the sad thing, besides the fact that its founding main member is dead, but when a band really has a great sound, and yet one really popular song, plunges them into mainstream acknowledgment for that one song and dismisses them slightly amongst other bands that get more pronounced credit. If I ever hear a Chameleons fan dismiss Big Country or tell me they dont listen to them, well there is something seriously wrong, because I think they are quite comparable, except Big Country's lyrical content is rather different, but that "sound" is there. The rough big concert get drunk and get rowdy with a fellow fan/friend essence is there. I'll put side by side "1000 Stars" with "Fan and Bellows" and you tell me that the essence is NOT the same, bah!

Why am I expressing all this? Because I am guilty of this dismissal when I was younger. I knew the title track and liked it but thought nothing further of them, save for this one catchy tune. Id see it in stores and say, "oh its that In A Big Country band." Thinking I had stumbled upon yet another thing that probably sounded like later period Heaven 17, and by that I mean a really great song amongst a bulk of crap, I never heard this album, sadly until I was already a Chameleons fan at the age of 22.

Through the fortunes of an older friend downsizing her entire vinyl collection, and me reaping the rewards, I inherited a very nice vinyl sleeve silver embossed version of this album, which kicking myself now, I got rid of for cash. But!!! I do own the cd because I love the album so. I have curiously surprised a friend here and there with thinking that the album they were listening to, was some other obscure post punk band I had stumbled upon. All I would say is keep listening to the album and you'll figure it'll kick yourself you haven't figured out...HOW? Because I always used to start it on track 2, and then let it fall onto the first one at the end..


I love getting that reaction to bands. Because its such a great sign of appreciation that you feel warmed in sharing it. It's similar to when I heard Icehouse, by Icehouse, and was blown away that this amazing song was THAT band.

I think one of the great things about music is when you can emit a response from someone that totally makes you smile. It's the great thing about good music, is that it can really grab someone in such a way that they loose sense about stupid shit and just immerse themselves entirely. Plus being made to feel dumbfounded with yourself every now and then is a good way to keep us all on our feet.

The Crossing is another great rockin-alterna-Pub-Art band and this album I think still holds up...even on repetitive rotations on the car stereo, right? ;)


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Singing Rule Britannia

From all the boys!
Here is my oxy-moronic post...with guitars of course!

The Chameleons are another band that are due a few days of dedicated thought, but honestly this post is really more for the irony itself and to enjoy a band that I think is a great band for a day like today.

Another release that contains adjusted versions of familiar songs with alternate titles. Recorded from 83-85, the Radio One Sessions are a great overview of the earlier years...and the Peel Sessions ain't half bad either. I dedicate this album to you...wherever you are...enjoy it for the day is beautiful and everyone should enjoy it...

I shall be exercising some good ole americana today by making burgers and tater tots at home for some friends. There will be booze and dessert and in advance, I hope this day goes well.

I hope someone takes a picnic today. Perhaps you'll take this with you!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


To the left of the driver, sand, trees and shimmering water that stretched to the shores of Japan, and to the right, yellow golden, grass plotted hills speeding by as the smell of sweet plants and warm air pleasantly whips past your face. In front of you the highway curves to the left and right, bringing you behind homes on the beach-front and obscuring your view. Every few minutes a break out of this and the full view of natures wonder and shorelines and cliff lined highways with the foam and mist engulfing the scenery in front, creating an almost mystical place in a slight vanishing point.

This compendium of singles and the full length by The Lucy Show, blares at most indefinitely a volume too loud, but perfect for absent attention to anything else of a really I'm a good driver. And its very interesting, for The Lucy Show has been an opportunity afforded to me, only because record shops exist in Los Angeles. I came to own Undone on tape, by a record shop in Venice, and Extended play was purchased at another record store in West Hollywood. It almost seems fitting that listening to them reminds me of this drive I took some many years ago, by myself, while exploring the coast of SoCal. Further I happen to know a store that has a copy of Undone sitting in its bin for 2$, that Im hoping someone took a chance on and is enjoying it the way I have for these years.

Upon the backside of a business card was written three things that I was told I had to go to certain stores on Long Island and track down...1) Dead Gone Days, by B-Movie, 2)Ha! Ha! Ha! or Systems of Romance by Ultravox!, and 3)Undone, by The Lucy Show. Well I never found any of them at these supposed L.I marks, but they all became these things I had to find and that I became increasingly more obsessed about finding until I did. (Ultravox! the entire Island record catalog was purchased in Boston, B-Movie never happened...)

The thing about these songs, is that they have a very touristic nature to the music that you can visually track them to scenery and advancement, so it is an ideal car drive type of band. But also a great band to listen to in the car and then take out of the car when you get to that one place that for some reason you had to stop the car on the side of the road and just gaze upon that thing that has drawn your attention...a moment of small enigmatic proportions, or perhaps large ones, but you feel transported. I think start the journey with Undone's first track, Ephemera (This is No Heaven), it is one of the greatest songs, and it just kicks up towards the ends when the guitars layer upon themselves.

You are apt to free caught in the moment of total independence and a shit eating grin on your face...and go on, if you feel the need to air guitar upon the steering wheel, you won't be the first!

Take my word for it!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Shoe n Gaze

Well, we're trying to rock out a bit more with the music this week! So its my tribute to bands with guitars...Prominent guitars I should say.

Reflecter, by Sundial, I do believe is out of print at this point, so I'd grab this if I were you! And what's more, Im not sure if it's the same band, but apparently the precursor to Sundial was the Modern Art, which is far more a synthwave band, and now Im really curious about this fact....because I can almost see it....(note to dorkself- investigate this).

The title track to this album, kicked off a most rockin and one of the best mixed tapes I had ever been made. It was because of this mixed tape that I got into Sun Dial, and a whole mess of stuff that appeared on that tape, not to mention a really awesome friendship that lasted for a dynamic seven years. Sadly, like the tape, the friendship is gone too...
The name of the track? seems, yet once again folks, poignancy follows me through music into my lifeline. But its such a great track and it really moves and the beginning of it reminds me of the darker post punk material, like somehow it could have been spawned by the cross platformed child of RLYL and Loop. With that said, I should think Loop is a most apt reference to make, as it is within a similar vein to the shoegaze of the heavier moodier dark bands, ie, more comparable to Swervedriver shoegaze than Slowdive...What's with the letter "S"?

Its a really great springtime driving album, through the suburbs of any town. Think of the tree lined streets, the occasional highway that runs along a bunch of strip malls, but the sun is out and its a bit muggy from rain, but really bright. You have a really great friend in the car alongside you, both of you having an "i love this song" moment and rocking out like losers...losers with impeccable musical tastes, of course.

If you ever come to New York, even though I live in California, which still looks odd when I type it, get in a car on a Saturday in May, and take a drive on the Northern State Parkway (westbound) to the Meadowbrook Parkway (southbound) and get off on the Zeckendorf Blvd exit and precede to Hempstead Turnpike, and take that westbound towards the Coliseum and just keep driving till this album runs out. This is THE album with this drive...oh and don't forget the smokey treats...

If you're lucky, I'll drive!

Sweetness and Tinderbox

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