Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't Tell Me


I first came across this band back in 2001, when an acquaintance of mine via the pleasures of musical dorkdom online sent out a CD of war themed songs on a comp about how we were doomed as of 9/11. THe cover was the Time magazine cover of the impalling Twin Towers of NYC. The comp started with The Zounds track WAR.

In the midst of many bands on this compilation was this very lo fi sounding one with this almost metronome like drum machine beat, that had a very analogue similarity to early Sisters for me. Who are these Unbekannten folks? No one I knew in the musical dork scene of the time knew. I just knew I had this pretty neat song that was so simple but so catchy that I really liked it utterly so.

Add a few years to that, and after sending the song along to another friend, he acquired the ep, and sent back to me these songs ripped from vinyl. Yippee, now I had more; hope it sounds good. I really like the lead track Don't Tell Me. Its but a quick 4 tracker, but its a good little cocktail / appetizer for the satisfaction of the least I think so.

Considering I am becoming increasingly bitter about this war I am taking the moment to reflect in spirit and in time that which 9/11 spawned and has not rectified. So lets donate here for the ears of others, something that the government hasn't had a hand in destroying....our ability to share amongst those who share a universal enthusiasm to hear music and to be of like minded individuals who feel the same about it.

Surely there can be one element left that officials cannot deny us. Since they are aiming to fuck everything else up....

LINK : {Allegiance For A Future Where Everything's Nice}

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And In Contrast

I can confess, when I was a little girl on Long Island growing up, I thought Stevie Nicks was super cool. Because honestly folks, we didn't start off the bat listening to this uber obscure shit. I can admit my silly adorations of when I was 8. I thought her outfits in this video were awesome and that was half of why I thought this song was so great. I want those dresses.

Stevie's kinda goth in her own way...we all know it. Come on she was a coke addict, that's 50% of it right there! ha!

Perhaps its the synth and the beat that hooked me as I was listening to Depeche Mode at this age too, so anything programmed sounded neat-o. Don't know, but just feeding a hankering that came out of no where...since I can't have cookies until Friday. I know, woe, is me.

Did the choreographer of this video...was it the same guy who did Michael Jackson's "Beat It?"
BUT PLEASE WATCH THIS!!!! Honestly Stevie Nicks is cracking me up... :)

Simplest Perfection

Tones on Tail- You The Night and The Music
Tones On Tail- Rain

no more. moment. delicate.
. graceful divine .

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2 years overdose=Twice


The partnership known as Twice A Man, ie- post Cosmic Overdose, is a great synthesis, dare I say, that created one of the pivotal synth pop albums of the 80's I would say. If not in actual recognition, but perhaps sound alone that to me truly reflected what the early 80's sounded like to me, when they weren't utter commercial synth pop. The first official release by Twice A Man, Music For Girls is one that reminds me of how interesting this music was to me and how it sounded so cold and strange to me when I was little, but still poppish. I dont think I actually articulated it in that way, but mostly I was/still am, and overly visual person and it would make me think of desolated shopping malls, or giant grey rooms of people dressed in black and white with floors of black and white all moving about with very little sound, while music like this played and pantomime ensued in the event of necessary communication.

Kind of like how bedrooms were adorned with those porcelain or ceramic masks that hung from the wall. Something magical but a bit creepy at the same time. Synths to me, have always given this sound of otherworldlyness to me. Not in the Dead Can Dance effects of the Im in the Sahara, but in that video game digital analog and bleak minimal world. Like being stuck in a life version of an Atari game on a black and white set.

For that essence I would acknowledge the tracks, Breathe the Air, Battle (especially) and Decay (god bless that little repeat in there that everyone has blundered in the "did the record skip?" ergo overdubbing in my head). Then there are the outright 80s reflective electro dance pop hits that are just so obvious to anyone who listens to this lp, Dance and In My Mind. Personally, my favorite song on here is Threat, and while I think the lyrics are totally cliché, the music is the eeriest on this one with the string-like setting on the synth, that it resonates the most with that empty oddity world that I felt and conjured in my head as a young one. Gentlemen, I like the piano element to it, but it does get a bit monotonous in tone to me after a while. I still sware this was used in the soundtrack in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High." I can firmly say that Russian Tractors is not my favorite, that anthemic keyboard in it just makes it cheesy and I don't care if its because its totally dated in sound, I would have found this cheesy in the early 80s also...kind of like Ultravox's "Life's Great Adventure."

Anyways, I suppose its synth day. I hope you enjoy this for your Tuesday!

LINK : {Some...One's...Toy}

Machine Musik

(is the counter on the top almost too perfect for the recording? am i THAT
much of a dork that i think it makes this cooler? probably.

This is where my head is today...Im scheming and dreaming and feeling fortunate. Electronic lapels? HOLY SHIT! ME WANT! One day, you all will be watching me on Youtube being all, electronic eyelashes? Who'd of thunk?
Each lash, flashes a cymbal crash! NIIIIICE!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Ode...


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

there's a space in what you know

Every band that one holds near and dear has a similar reason as to why, and for me it's the ebb and flow of how I relate my emotions and essences to a band. Does it cradle and pull at the heart and head strings? If it does enough that I fall victim to encapsulating myself into the songs then, by jove! ITS A KEEPAH!

Enter the Comsat Angels. A band that I knew, but didnt know, until I discovered them and didnt realize I knew them but thought I stumbled upon the greatest thing, without realizing I had always known them from a much longer time, but just not in this format. If that seems boggling, then perhaps if I said I knew the pop hit "Stay Tonite" by CS Angels, but didn't know that song was by the CS Angels, who were in fact the Comsat Angels, and while I knew this somg lyrically inside and out, and the track from "Real Genius". Back when I was like 8 years old. Many years later, at 22, I was given a mixed tape by a dear former friend of mine, I heard the song Total War from these sessions, and thought it was one fo the best things I had heard in a great while.

Who the hell were the Comsat Angels?
I must find everything by them and buy it, PRONTO!
So I made a mad dash to my computer, yes, it was only some 8 years ago this stumble happened, and I am quick to want than rest and wait, so I ordered "Waiting For A Miracle" and waited. I got it, listened and then jumped onto the computer and ordered "Sleep No More." Got it, listened to it and was beyond floored. How could there be so much bass in ones face and so darn perfect in every way. Where was this during my mopey teen years? It was everything that The Cure's "Disintegration" was incapable of delivering, but everything I wanted. I hailed Our Secret as one of the greatest gloom pop songs ever and noted the Comsat's as one of the greatest and most under appreciated bands.

Said friend of mixed tape, burned me off the b sides from the re-masters that came out in 2003, so I would have music for my flight to France, and also burned this initial version of the "Time Considered Sessions" and "Fiction" for me. I was Comsatted and ready to go!

Words alone are all I can use but I still have issues with the fact that no one ever mentions these guys as influential in the post punk era. However, in a regard I am also glad because in some way I treasure them soo that I dont want some piece of shit hipster who's on the bandwagon to be listening to them and not fully digesting how great they are, but saying something clever like, they are among his top bands like Suicide, Gang of 4, The Pop Group, Wire and Pere Ubu. I cannot have this. Yes Im a snob, get over it. (or has the reference list changed again?)

"Yeah Im really into those early demo sessions by Human League. THe Normal too....its amazing electronic stuff, really interesting. But I think it all goes back to Eno, but you know The Velvets and Floyd too, I mean you have to admit...."

Do you want me to strike a poseur?
ha! :)

This assortment of songs is grand. This band is amazing and Kevin Bacon, the profound one who is the "real" musician, is one of the greatest song writers and smooth bass players in rock. Give props! Im not sure in the combo who wins...I think I gravitate towards the Bacon more (haa haa thats funny) but then again, there's the Burgess...Its a Burgess v. Bacon....its a toughy, because they're very different and very similar. Its all in the delivery.

Our Secret still makes me feel dropped on my head and dumbfounded by just about everything in this world. But while it does this it makes me feel so assured at the same time. How!? HOW DO YOU DO THIS!!!!???? I also will notate that the greatest bass line ever dropped in musical history comes at the bridge of Independence Day, and you can't tell it so much in the sessions, but on WFM, its beyond amazing! Like getting kicked in the ass in the best way. If you are out there in hip hop land, take a lesson, that's how you drop it!

LINK : BBC Sessions

Monday, August 20, 2007


waffle waffle /

Friday, August 17, 2007

IM NOT BOVED...Happy Friday

It's time for a WELL BAD off with videos mate...




(its all about the bridge in this song)

TAXI GIRL | Mannequin

(yes this has nothing to do with the below two,
but it makes me smile)



HAPPY MONDAYS | 24 Hour Party People


Thursday, August 16, 2007

a la proxima...

Last year, this time during the summer I was in a bit of a down mood, as per not being in a work capacity and struggling to conserve any last bit of money I still had. I was spending many evenings awake working on my portfolio and getting no sleep for a few days at a time, only to go to interviews for positions that I never got, even though I seemed to get on famously with the people I interviewed with. Is it me?

I would sit at my desk at home and listen to web casted radio and think, I should do this. But I never bothered. SO instead I spent hours sitting and listening to broadcasts through Radio 365, and getting excited about the set lists....more folks into what I was, and as usual so very far away.

Save for one.

The thing is, I spent everyday watching this video at least three times in my melancholy haze and feeling so in this feeling of, well, this song. The title alone felt like everything that was around me. I was just in a really sad place, with only one single glimmer of optimism and a dangling strand of gold that I was unsure I could reach. I truly felt like I was clutching at fantasies and immersed myself further into music and all of these songs I knew so well, but felt a new rebirth of glum appreciation for them...a new setting to feel sorry about myself and be comforted.

The one thing is that, there is a glimmer of hope within this song, because even though we are not left to be be surprised that crap inevitably will come our way, it still always left me feeling that regardless there was something out there that was a slender chance of hope. AND I HAD CLUNG TO IT!

A year later and so much is resolved and for the better and working towards the best. I'm just waxing usual..."you're here to cry, i told you,"...i feel humbled in retrospect.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Internal/External Question/Resolve

The Beloved The Flame
Lowlife Reflections of I
The Royal Family and The Poor Dominion
Fra Lippo Lippi A Moment
The Names This Is Harmony
X V-Sor The Glance

There is something to be said for a hyper active mind. There is also something to be said for not thinking too much, and just being. Kind of a "if I then" but "now i am able," themed mix here. Order specific. Personal. A moment of reflection as it were, of me, to me, by me.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Modern Art / Age of Light

I will preface this by stating I have no idea who this is. I have gone mad trying to google it because of the obvious reason the title will bring you through everything Modern art related...and as for Googling The Modern Art+Age of Light, I came up empty. The only thing I can fathom which I dont think is right, is regarding that post I made about Sundial back when, which said in the info back sheet that originally started as a short project called The Modern Art...loosely, if it this was that, I can vocally almost see it. Other than that, Im at a loss.

Well I am here to bring the acknowledgment of this musical project whomever it might actually be, is really not that important to me, because its not facts I care about, as much as the music itself. This album really impressed me when I heard it. I felt like all of a sudden I understood the aesthetic draw to minimal pop. Which I should start to refer to as, GreyWave or RainyDayLookOutYourWindowAndFeelAsGoodAsASunnyDay music, take your pick. The thing is, the latter is exactly what this album is to me. Which although much of the music I gravitate towards is like that, this is like a minimal approach to a summer beach party for the slightly gloom angled person who still can actually be entertained and laugh now and then. A moment without care...Its the riding bicycle on a sunny day for the slightly poetically bleak. Beach Boys for goths. Haa haa, when you listen to it, you'll understand that...there are the sad tunes, Dreams To Live the jangly tunes Harmony In Red and the all out poppy tunes, Barriers. But there is a vibe of old time fun within...and within the song Beach on The Horizon, you will totally get my musings!

My movements with this album occurred while I was out here in Oakland last summer roaming about with nothing to do during the day and taking many photographs. In fact many albums became the background soundtrack for those days, but this album and four others were amongst the heavy rotation....perhaps I should do a week dedicated to that? Roaming about albums? Hmmm. The Modern Art, Age of Light is a really great album and one that should be a bit more acknowledged somehow. I hope that with this blog entry it will at least pop up now under a google search and maybe someone can enlighten me. Because I am a bit curious.

As for the cover up there, no this is not the actual cover, I just made it based on how I would envision it would be with how I feel about it. I almost dont want to know what the cover looks like. Put it into your portable player and take a bike ride my dears, you never know when you might discover something truly happy and smiley within the catalog of bleak music. :)

LINK : {Everythings Alright Now}

Monday, August 13, 2007


Thank you beyond any words could ever scribe...

TONY WILSON / 20 February 1950 – 10 August 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS! You all made it through the tribute week, all 5 of you! WOOHOO!

Anyways my week has been a bit hellish so I'll spare you the poetic verse about this band, if you like em then you like em and if not, to hell with ya! So in closing I hope that you have been inspired to dig them out and listen to the albums and enjoy those things that make me so happy when I listen to them...

What can I say right now? Well Im desperately trying to figure out how I am going to get to Paris Thanksgiving weekend, and I tell you it hurts because I have those days off and I know airfare is cheap then. I have been wanting to go for a while and see them. I really want to go to this, I VERY!!! much want to go....Yes I said Paris...and Yes, I live in Oakland, but it can be done...I just need to get to New York on standby and leave from there...Oh it can be done! Im in therapy, Im supposed to be more spontaneous...

Im a nut.

Please come with me! I would adore it ever so....

Oh yeah....the link of things! hee hee, ENJOY some more demos and singles!

LINK : { 'shrine' }

Thursday, August 9, 2007


And here we are in the third down of preferred albums. And Also The Trees 1992 release Green Is The Sea (what color were her eyes and the dress? hee hee) Obviously I am not doing a full discographical retrospect but only pinpointing those things that I am most fond of as they pertain to me in this retrospect...this 5 business day retrospect.

The thing that I adore most about this album is the overall feeling of an uplifting nature. I will say that I always start this album at track 2 because I am such not the fan of Valentino, the song annoys me. But this album just makes me feel warm and not in an Im cold and feel warm. I can only liken it to eating something really wonderful that makes you feel like your whole body is radiating a very delightfully rich glow that you could bask in if you were so inclined to lay within yourself.

A great deal of the theatrics have vanished in this album and perhaps that is why I feel that it moves so much more fluidly and resonates a more calmer feeling than the turbulent versus the smooth. There is a still a stoic nature to much of this album for me that I still feel in touch with a nocturnal environment, but it isn't one of despair, its almost of an embracing nature. Dare that I say, that its the snow time Trees album.

I sit here listening to The Fruit Room and glancing at a photo I have of Central Park covered with snow, it seems so utterly perfect. A meandering dream of white scattering amongst you as if in a snow globe. That type of perfect delight that can only be experienced as you appreciate the smallest of things...although there is no jasmine growing into this landscape...

I will always wonder how these bands are felt by those who don't have the background of the northeast of the US to affiliate it with. I mean, I know the feelings of a one in particular, but for others...I associate landscape so much with the music I listen to, that what is it like if you are a huge AATT fan but live in Arizona? Or if you live in Kansas....or say you live in Tokyo, or Greece...what is it like...Or does stuff like this just aim to empathize with those who live in the UK and areas like that why they always play in Belgium and Paris, because of the similar UK weather...

I mean even reflective in the name of the band, its a nature source of inspiration, from the line of the infamous poem they penned the name from. Okay, perhaps I am once again going too far with this, said she of The tremendous Risk for Mr Ferdico...this song has always made me a bit frantic. And its a good instrumental, but not one I would always notate, but I should, more.

LINK : {Her Crescent Figure Through Green Waters}

just a quick catch up on those blissful aatt instrumentals i adore so very much

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

..Protecting Me / Protecting Me / Protecting Me..


Its the middle of the week in my tribute so I felt obliged to post some rare material to check out if you wish...The Trees demo's and sessions from 1980-1982.

Its a rather good collection of recordings, given that they are early and the production level is alright, but when it comes to sessions, does anyone really want studio precision recording? I certainly don't! I would definitely get these because I like the slightly jazzy number on Lady D'Arbanville....makes you want to mosey about just a bit.

LINK : {You Will Be My Fill}

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Ah yes, THE album! The Millpond Years is the album that attracts those with a fondness for reverie and waxing poetic on a daily basis. Those whom ooze and soak in nostalgia for pretty much every daily activity, or at least romanticize that they are. Perhaps within their laments of why they can't or how they should but feel indifferent to the place that forces them to be real and not creatively inspired to dream.

Filled with drama and lush theatrics, somehow I can still listen to this album whilst making attempts to be pleasantly put to sleep at night. The landscape rich with shadows of night, and afternoons brimming with moisture and fog thickened streets, and somewhere you look up and notice that everyone about you is dressed in a time far older than where you just were. Perhaps now you find yourself holding a whithered paper and reading about things that dont even make sense, or perhaps you are just sitting on the cobble and feeling really pissed about the social environment you are stuck in. So you dream off into the beautiful abyss and make the world in your toxic mind a better place to live in, enter Shaletown and invisible land that Jeffrey has escaped to, oh charcoal thought ladened Count Jeffrey.

At least perhaps it seems better, or maybe he and i both remove the ash from our eyes and realize nowhere is truly better. Are we all in the myth that things get better?

Clearly this is an album that holds a very sinister and dark ambiance about it, but I did say poetic was part of this, and with that, there must be the counter to this tar stained dream. The beauty lies in the sadness that we, as nostalgic fools, are always inclined towards. From The Silver Frost and L'Unica Strada are perhaps two of the greatest instrumentals ever penned and recorded as part of an album that the instrumental didnt feel forced to prove that "we can do an instrumental" and then tagged on the end. There is something beyond stirring that everytime I listen to these two, specifically, I truly am moved to another emotional place and while I feel a bit sad, there is always something hopeful stirring out upon the reaches of where everything eventually goes towards. In that the shimmering beam that we all hope for while the rest of everything feels like shit, is preserved for optimism.

So is this album truly so dark and miserable, or is it a fragmented journey of the possibilities that are. Is the time of indecision and discovery what is meant by the millpond. Something that is not so pretty but still allows growth of even the slightest?
millpond - a pond formed by damming a stream to provide a head of water to turn a mill wheel
While it prevents and forces a hault it still manages to create and isn't it true that within creation something must exist that blossoms...

Maybe its just me being overly philosophical...However these are my thoughts while I listen to this album and feel really thrilled that I have these moments to reflect and think of those others whom have cherished them as much as I. To those who have scoffed, so be it. Some things aren't for everyone. Thankfully, these things are for me.

LINK : Time Goes Through Their Hands

Monday, August 6, 2007


Oh this band, this band that I have mocked for being one of the most lyrically pretencious I know. This band that I have created mocked lyrics around and quoted one line and one line over and over..."Cotton forgotten summer dress..."
But underneathe the amusement I have at times with this band, like all of my favorites that I make jokes with, I simply adore And Also The Trees.

I confess that sometimes the vocals are a bit over the top for me, but the music...I have to say that hands down, no one does what they do. While there are so many bands out there that I love and that have many akin to them, for some reason there are a few that many adore, and yet, not one seems to have gotten the blueprint right or made the attempt at all...I feel honored, because a Simon Huw Jones knock off would probably be unbearable, and honestly, I would probably hate it for trying to be something it isn't.

Musically, there is something so time cherished with all of their albums, and upon the later released and this entry posted, The Klaxon, I feel somehow transient in a time of an I don't really know. I have always thought something spanish of this, and perhaps its the percussion and calypso like moments, especially within the track of Johnny Lexington. I feel the haze of an afternoon fading and the dusk on the brink of making its appearance, but no one has gotten upset. Everything seems to push further into the days events that just makes the enjoyment factor a bit moodier but richer.

Then there is the brilliance of the silhouetting guitars by J. Jones, and as yet another shimmering delight of sparkle dancing in the stark nature that he seems to be the master of. Oh gosh I want other things in this musical world to sound like this, why no one ever sites him as a creative force in this industry/genre is beyond me.

Don't get me wrong, I mean like any Trees album, the melancholy, sombre and underlying bitterness is there, but in tone of the arrangements, its something that has always felt still very warm to me. Its like edging your body up into the pushed creases of your duvet and finding that warm spot and being warmed by the heat stroked sun outside that beams upon you. Then you take that visual and magnify it into a perfect mental moment of engaged activity and well, for me, it is beyond amazing.

The Klaxon was the first album I owned by AATT, and while many tend to site the eponymous release as the best, which is then set against the other school of Trees fans who site The Millpond Years, which I have to state I am a member of the latter, I think this album is perhaps my second favorite.

I feel like spinning through a room of Terracotta and then sinking into a gazeful curiosity from a balcony, with a fine glass of red...yes I said it. You know what follows, yes, and a fine tobacco product.

LINK : [ as he walks far from this town ]

Friday, August 3, 2007


Some Things Never Change (4:49)
A Small Mercy (3:51)
Barrier (3:31)
Sense Of Doubt (5:35)
The Treasure (5:11)
Slow Away (4:09)
Now And Forever (4:43)
French Painter Dead (3:55)
Out Of The Ruins (3:17)
A Moment Like This (3:31)
In Silence (4:32)
Recession (6:13)
The Inside Veil (4:21)
I Know (4:11)
Quiet (3:32)
Lost (7:29)
In A Little Room (2:59)
An Idea (2:42)

A beautiful assortment of melodies that make you feel completely wonderful and warmed within the core of frozen icicles refusing to melt in your throat while the outdoors remind you that autumn is ending and winter is near. But isn't great to at least have these amazing songs to at least make pretty winter landscapes in your mind to?

A tormenting end of autumn and misery wretched winter of 2004 I spent listening to this album over and over and becoming so coiled within all I wanted to do was feel sad. But I felt sad with quite possibly the best assortment of songs to truly bask in the misery with. And the song titles, how's that for cold comfort- Some Things Never Change, A Small Mercy, Sense of Doubt, In Silence, I Know, In A Little Room, The Inside Veil...gosh if every perfection for feeling isolated and alone to truly feel how alone truly is, this is it!

Im an odd girl, because I am actually very keen on this day and I am very happy at the moment, so to be listening to this without the usual fostered emotions I would have to require my gravitation to it, its interesting. I still think these songs are a stoic image of beauty and stunning stillness. The memory of those moments of those years ago make me cringe, but I reflect only to acknowledge them. They are but images that are slurring and blurring atop the ripples of the water as if but dead leaves being brought off to somewhere else and collect upon another shore. They are precious, but they are also a passing of what was.

Fra Lippo Lippi did everything right in every song down to the cascading piano parts (which is probably the number one reason this is such an adored collection, I love piano) that denote musically, the character of each song. There is nothing wrong with anything here. I can only relate my emotions of one other collection of earlier works that hits me in the same way, and perhaps it is because I acquired the same time, and that is The Wild Swans Renacent collection. The grace and humility of wrong and right of you and i, as one level removed from human kindness has never sounded so beautiful and made feeling horrible more attractive. You can take it for how you wish, but it is impossible to NOT find this compelling.

As for the later stuff, eh, Id rather not get into it...The early years are the a manner of speaking!

Out of The Ruins

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It Could Kill Me / It Could Be Ecstacy

The infamous band that Factory had no idea how to market because it was simply all over the place as a sound. Precisely why this collection, entitled Temple of The 13th Tribe is, to me, one of the greatest things ever recorded. Its superbly the best emotional landscape which can parallel the earth itself of the smooth grassy plains, to the variants of depth of the mountains and riverbeds, to the multi textural existences of just about every hill and valley.

Why am I being so earthbound in this description because I really move through this album as if a journey were being embarked upon from one extreme to another, and the song titles kind of reinforce it as well. Simply put its the coldwaver's party album, because its got all the elements: the dance element, the mellow out, the introspective thinker, the im feeling emotional and sharing a moment with someone, the i feel like a stranger at this party, and the i am going to be utterly overbearing.

ROYAL FAMILY AND THE POORThe Temple of the 13th Tribe is:
Fragile. Blatant. Menacing. Reserved. Insecure. Human...this album is really human.

At the very beginning there is something so special about what is to come. The innocence and attempt at triumph in the first song, that leads to utter an almost "why am i bothering to feel all coiled inward?" moment. I have to admit, that Voices is a secret dance de pretencia for me, meaning that I am in that spectacle of spinning, dressed in some huge eastern get up gown in the center of the floor flailing arms and making stern facial gestures, is going on. I secretly want to get up and do it every time I hear it, except that i realize my hair is too short to fully carry it off, because something needs to whip the face of the bitchy goth chick behind me, OF COURSE! ha!

Seriously though, this band really has pushed its way to the front of my collection in the last year, and I further highly advise that you all jaunt over to Annie's Animal and grab the Art 45, because that too is beyond brilliant!

Dark and Light