Friday, December 14, 2007


The moment is still. The moment is tense.
It is both sad and frightening.
There is a heart of joy and a heart on the verge of breaking.
Tears that stream from the face of one whom is so amazed by the other.
While inside the feelings don't feel allowable because they have been oppressed.

Dark room.
Afternoon falls to dusk falls to night.
There is nothing to provide but the sterile application of the wall switch.
This only sends an emotionless cold glow to the room.
You feel isolated and empty while you both stand in the room.
Later left with too many thoughts in your head.
You lay again brewing with hypothetical over hypothetical over mental anguish served hot to your stomach and mind.

The tears come again.
The glare of your light annoying you but all you can manage is a faint sigh.
You absorb your eyes and thoughts to the divots of the texture on your ceiling.
The molding is painted a color you find utterly miserable, fake wood tone.
A timeline of "supposed's" and "perhaps then's" form with future memories.

There is unrest beside some sides and
Certainly searching for a meaning
Clouds as they've floating past in the present
As much more thoughts part in the present days

Oh, keep calling... me,
Oh, keep calling... my name
Oh, keep calling... my name
Oh, keep calling

You wait in your mind further for that day when the joy will return
Your heart only lightly dusted with gray and can be cleansed without pain

Again the room.
Again the two of you.
Again a heart.
Again emotions that have a tendency to conflict.

There is a resolve.
It will allow this to never be your view upon this room again.
They will breathe out without a sigh of helplessness.
Presence will be more than the hypothetical.
The hypothetical will cease to be.

All will be real.
As things that are meant to resolve become resolved and cleansed.
Eyes dreaming to never see another moment like this.
The future is of things to come and not filled with thoughts of "perhaps..."

For now there is rest.
There is thought.
There is energy to be saved...
For the future to live...

LINK : These Waves

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Out in The Marketplace

A room full of trees and industry opens in front of your eyes, and the window that you are stuck behind seems slightly filmy, but clear enough to still see what is in front of you. A slight essence of tunnel vision begins and you dream of that window not being there. You close your eyes and drift off into dreams where you magically float through the window like billions of molecules, and are allowed to reform back to normal on the other side.

There you are amongst industry and all the elements that seem real and are pulsating about. However upon the glance backwards you see all that is provincial and residential glaring out louder than normal for it reminds you of the alternate that exists between the upwardly mobile and the desire to live pleasantly while working feverishly. You desire the two as well so you spin round a few thousand times staring to the sky that while that remains constant on both sides you can swing back and forth between the two worlds.

Oh isn't life great when you can dictate the perceptions of it all?!

A wicked grin draws itself upon your face, and you run to the urban side streets to feel the movement and energy of everything that is around you. Time itself seems like an innocent bystander to life, and motion is fluid and without any hesitation to the rules being broken.

Every motion and emotion is circling about allowing you to run backwards into comfort and forwards into chaos, and all of it perfect and unconfrontational. The glimmer of the anything at every moment, while spinning and spinning whenever you best see fit to stop the worlds from colliding and keeping what needs to be behind, behind and what needs to tunnel further in front, just in reach to be ever so slightly on the border of being out of reach.

Incentive. Curiosity. Prospect. The game of chance....

Just don't forget that you never have to wake up, because the dream is the life and it is the spinning that keeps us all in check. Because the sky and ground are always up above and down below. Unless you are on your head, but event hen the ground is below you as your feet are above...and there is the sky, just being how it always is. Passing over but protecting everywhere.

LINK : {Tokyoidaho}