Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Unforgettable Fire

I was ever so taken by this song this morning while walking to work. Because first of all so many of these songs in my archive or dare i say arsenal are only to be listened to during certain weather conditions. And of course every time a cloudy and slightly chilly day rolls on in, I get a little bit of a tingle in my ears and heart that begs for a song about wanting and longing. Yes, there's a breeze too.... Alright cue THAT SONG!

This morning was indeed one of those moments and as soon as U2's "Unforgettable Fire" popped into the shuffle, well shit, I was transported into that album cover's photo and the wind was whipping through my hair and I was singing away! Oh yes I was so in this moment I didn't even care that I sounded like the foghorn that was off in the distance somewhere. Where is the cliff and the torrents of bitter waves crashing against the rocks and that person is off in the distance that I was trying to sing these words to was out there, not hearing me but yes I knew you were there and I was still telling you all this and for my heart was full with saying it but then you missed it anyways.... So there stood the moment and yet in all the happiness of honesty I was still left sad knowing that truthfully only I knew and you would always be left wondering... Until perhaps one day. Yes one day you may just come to know the truth.

Where was that gray knoll in the northern hills that was waiting for that moment... Okay it was Bono doing it all and I had nothing to do with it for I was wandering on ** street heading to the train station and there was nothing around me but some scaffolding at a Kickboxing gym.

This was not Ireland. This was not a northern UK town. This wasn't even next to an overflowing puddle. And no, urine on the side of a curb doesn't count either! But for the moment I was in a scarf and a tweed overcoat and I was in this moment and somewhere random flags stood in a field whipping in the wind and some random person I had never met before was out there standing for some reason, or just because the canvas looks better in my head this way and without a random person well it would just be a Pink Floyd cover...

Maybe somewhere you can rent a solarizing kit to apply to the isolated bubble you live in so everything can look the way it does in your head when you step out of this world and into the one in your daydreaming head....or just the one's that have been created in this head because of music videos made in the early 80s and the accompanying cover art that sparked your curiosity in so many of these bands always. If I were such kind of a scientist, for sure I'd be institutionalized by now...

"...don't push me too far tonite...."